Flower Design of Britain

Environmentally Friendly Floral Design School

 The twenty first century will see tremendous technological and creative developments take place in the field of flower design, this applies to the technique the support materials, as well as the designs themselves.
 Never before were so many styles possible and creative challenges so bountiful, these developments no doubt will continue into the future and will lead to further changes and evolution. Up to now the environment has hardly been considered together with environmentally friendly arranging techniques, ethics come into play. Ethics is a form of philosophy which analyses our behaviour, our way of dealing with nature, our morals norms and values, and in the way we view the world and therefore nature as a whole. This philosophy respects other's nature and ourselves. Flower Arranging along with flower designs is based on this philosophy, giving us a better idea and kinder understanding as flower arrangers and florist designs with regards to our natural beauty. When we arrange and design flowers on the basis of the above, we must be realistic and see if it is practical and viable. It is difficult to do a complete turnaround in one's attitude and methods of design, however small steps at a time are the key to development and success.

Teaching also has a very big part to play , Flower Design of Britain is prepared for this challenge both here in Great Britain and its overseas teaching studios, if any student would like to ask any questions in respect of environmentally friendly designs, please consult us.

Geoffrey Hughes
Master Florist /Teacher